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  • Performing as liaison with suppliers and customers
  • Determining customer needs and providing accurate logistics resource.
  • Delivery accurately on time and safely.
  • Strategic and scientific approach to logistics challenges.

Our global service focuses on supporting clients in growing their business by improving net subscriber revenue, by becoming more operationally efficient, and by seamlessly evolving their network to meet current and future demands. Our Company has been entrusted with planning, building, running and enhancing more networks than any other company.


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01. Materials Handling

Materials handling is a broad area that encompasses virtually all aspects of movement of raw materials, work in process, or finished goods within a plant or warehouse. Because an organization incur costs without adding valve each time an item moves or is handled, a primary objective of material management is to eliminate handling wherever possible. That includes minimizing travel distance, inventory level and loss due to waste, mishandling, pilferage and damage. Thus, by carefully analyzing material flows, materials management can save the organization significant amount of money.

02. Packaging

Packaging is valuable as a form of advertising or marketing, for protection and storage from the a logistical perspective. Packaging can convey important information to inform the consumer.  Aesthetically pleasing packaging also can attract the consumer’s attention. Logistically, packaging provides protection during storage and transport. This is especially important for long distance over multiple transportation modes such as international shipping. Packaging can ease movement and storage by being properly designed for the warehouse configuration and materials handling equipment.

03. Parts and Services support

In addition to supporting protection through the movements of materials, work in process and finished goods, logistics is also responsible for providing after-sale service support. This may include delivery of repair parts to dealers, stocking adequate spares, picking up defective or malfunctioning products from customers, and responding quickly to demands for repairs.

04. Traffic and Transportation

A key logistics activity is to actually provide for the movement of materials and goods from point of origin to the point of consumption, and perhaps to its ultimate point of disposal as well.  Transportation involves selection of the mode ( eg. Air, Rail, Water and Truck) the routing of the shipment, assuring of compliance with the regulations in the region of country where shipment is occurring and selection of the carrier. It is frequently the largest single cost among logistics activities

05. Distribution

It’s experienced and dedicated staff provides tailor made services that reflect a commitment to the highest level of customer care.

06. Commercial Vehicle

Management is obliged to fulfill the quality policy, to constantly improve the quality system and to always focus on satisfied customers